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Creative. Stylish. Tender. Award-Winning. Beautiful.

The time is now. You only have one chance to capture these very special moments, so you can recall every tender loving detail of your story.

  Request a family, child, baby, newborn,  couples session, senior session (girl), or senior session (boy), head shot, or pet session.    

I have some beautiful outdoor settings with a bridge, reflective ponds, forest paths , flower gardens and rustic swings, all in a PRIVATE setting. Or opt for a professionally lit indoor setting option. Choose the right photographer, and love the setting you are working in and it will put you more at ease and your Wall Art will reflect that.  This may be one of the most important decisions you will make to record your family's life.             

I will not only capture your story, but the essence of that special moment in time. Your wall art will showcase you and your loved ones, but also your emotions at that time as well.   Be captured in images that are memorable, timeless and even magical and fantasy-like.  When you look back on these beautiful works of art, you'll remember just how special this day was made.  I offer sessions from tender, to more edgy and stylistic, to meet your every need, with beautiful and PRIVATE outdoor locations where no one will be gawking at you while we create your art, as well as professionally lit indoor sessions.  

For babies, I offer creative edits that could not be safely achieved  if they were to be actually photographed in some of those settings.  This creates some really magical images!

Be Cherished Gallery

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About Traci L Chastanet- the creator of TLC Images and Art

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Hi there! I'm Traci L. Chastanet.  I was born in a small rural town north of the Twin Cities.  I'm a wife,  mother and grandmother.  I have passionately been photographing beautiful images of the great outdoors and God's wonderful creations throughout all of my life.  A winner of awards for landscape images, I now focus on revealing precious and fleeting moments of your journey through life.

Together, we'll document your story with fun, laughter, and Tender Loving Care. I strive to find unique ways to  capture those instances in time which reflect you and your family's true character, smirks and all, with stunning wall galleries for you to enjoy, generation after generation in beautiful works of art you will walk by every day and admire.

One word describes best what I want you to feel when you see the artwork we create for your walls-       ~Cherished~

Capturing your story, frame by frame.

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  Traci offers lifestyle and professional wall art that has something for the person who wants  their artwork to standout among the crowds. Use the button below setup a consultation.